Depending on the neccessity and application of the final product by our customers, we produce paprika oleoresin which incorporates into it's intense coloring capabilities, the condimentary properties of paprika. 


Paprika Oleoresin (E-160c) - Soluble in Oil - Liposoluble.
It is oleresin in its pure state, obtained by solvent extraction from the paprika pods and it is produced for its use with other oily materials or fats. Natural colorant for food use. It is supplied in color ranks from13,000 to 120,000 color units.

Paprika Oleoresin - Soluble in Water - Hydrosoluble.
This type of oleoresin, obtained by solvent extraction from the paprika pods too, is soluble in water, being especially suitable for use in the food industry, the manufacture of soups, drinks, preserves, etc. It is supplied in color gradations ranging from 1,500 to 65,000 color units.

Capsicum Oleoresin

This type of oleoresin, obtained by solvent extraction from the Capsicum Frutescens pods. Natural flavoring for food industry. Generally has low color and it is supplied in spicy powder range from 1.000.000 SHU to 5.000 SHU. It can be liposolube or hydrosoluble.

Spice Oleoresin

They are produced by solvent extraction of aromatic compounds from dehydrated spices. The oleoresin contains a variety of volatile and non-volatile spice compounds.

  • Oleoresin Black Pepper
  • Oleoresin Celery
  • Oleoresin Cinnamon
  • Oleoresin Clove
  • Oleoresin Coriander
  • Oleoresin Cumin Seed
  • Oleoresin Fennel
  • Oleoresin Garlic
  • Oleoresin Ginger
  • Oleoresin Mace
  • Oleoresin Nutmeg
  • Oleoresin Turmeric

Essential Oils

The essential oils are the volatile liquid fractions from the spices. It contains the substances responsible for the plants' aroma.

  • Oil Black Pepper
  • Oil Cardamon
  • Oil Celery
  • Oil Cinnamon
  • Oil Clove
  • Oil Coriander
  • Oil Cumin Seed
  • Oil aromatic turmeric
  • Oil Garlic
  • Oil Ginger
  • Oil Mace
  • Oil Nutmeg
  • Oil Rosemary
  • Laurel Essential Oil

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